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CLEAR is born of the realisation that thousands of companies around the world are struggling to develop innovative and effective cosmetics ranges in line with an elaborate strategic development plan, yet they struggle, often after deadlines and substantial spending due to regulatory constraints. Those who haven’t understood that regulation is a business function which is as important as business or finance, are now excluded from the markets.

In beauty care, regulation specifically requires extensive knowledge of science (chemistry, toxicology and microbiology), law and marketing, which is not provided in universities. Multinational branches, niche SMEs, manufacturers and distributors have to contend with ever-changing regulations and a lack of multiaxial knowledge.

Why Choose Clear

You’re a distributor, manufacturer or cosmetics brand: why choose CLEAR?

  • Assists you in launching your cosmetics products
  • Offers you a wide network of partners, test laboratories and toxicologists etc.
  • Identifies regulatory risks for you
  • Checks and notifies technical information
  • Audits, drafts and finalises your admissible Product Information Files in the European Union and in the United Kingdom
  • Defends you as a Responsible Person
  • Monitors regulations and European legislation after your product launch
  • Provides cosmetovigilance services for your brand

Our Offices

Jean-Louis Fiacre
Qualified toxicology legal expert
Frank Chevasson
Eurotox toxicology expert


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