Clear : your international regulatory service in cosmetics

CLEAR arises from the observation that thousands of companies worldwide struggle to develop innovative, effective cosmetic ranges based on a well-crafted strategic development plan. It has become unthinkable for the development team not to think globally, ensuring that each cosmetic formula can be marketed everywhere: EU, UK, USA, China... However, these ambitious plans often hit roadblocks, resulting in significant delays and budget overruns due to poorly anticipated constraints and differing cosmetic regulations across continents.

Those who fail to understand that regulatory compliance is as crucial a business function as commerce or finance are now finding themselves excluded from the markets. In cosmetics, particularly, regulatory affairs require a wide range of knowledge in science (chemistry, toxicology, microbiology...), law, and cosmetic marketing, which is not typically taught in universities. Whether a sprawling multinational or a niche SME, manufacturer or distributor, all must navigate an ever-changing international regulatory landscape and a shortage of multidimensional knowledge. CLEAR is here to anticipate and bring your project to fruition.

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Why Choose Clear

You’re a distributor, manufacturer or cosmetics brand: why choose CLEAR?

  • Prepare CPSR, TRA, and SAFETY ASSESSMENTS according to market zones.
  • Handle SCPN, control, and notifications on the CPNP and SCPN Portals.
  • Audit, draft, and finalize your Regulatory Dossiers (EU and UK PIF).
  • Validate claims according to MoCRA requirements.
  • Ensure international regulatory and legislative monitoring.
  • Ensure the industrial protection of your brand.
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