The world of beauty is facing an upsurge in counterfeiting. To combat this scourge, it is essential to protect your distinctive signs. A trademark is a sign that distinguishes your company's products from those of other companies. More than just marketing tools, trademarks are a signature of your company and a point of contact with your consumers and clients. In practice, trademarks are a guarantee of quality for consumers. Beyond the marketing aspect, these distinctive signs have a legal scope. Protecting them is therefore essential to build and maintain your company's image.

From trademark registration to litigation, we are involved in all areas of trademark law. Our multidisciplinary teams will support you throughout the various phases of your project: preliminary study, prior art searches, acquisition and maintenance of rights, consultations, monitoring of your trademarks, management of your trademark portfolios and pre-litigation and litigation files.


In the cosmetics market, product packaging and shape are essential. It's what gives your products their appeal and power of seduction. Design adds market value to products and increases their commercial potential. To prevent anti-competitive practices, design law can grant a temporary monopole on a product's appearance: its shape, contours, decorative motifs and graphic interfaces. Protecting a design helps to ensure a fair return on investment by encouraging fair competition and commercial practices. 

CLEAR can advise you on defining a strategy for protecting, enhancing, defending, optimising, and monitoring your designs. In this respect, we offer the following services: prior art searches, optimisation of design portfolio management, definition of the de-potential strategy in terms of territories covered and protection instructions, design surveillance, monitoring of examination and renewal procedures and management of pre-litigation and litigation files.


From the creation of a new production tool to the development of a new cosmetic product, patents enable you to obtain a return on your investment. They protect your technical inventions by giving you a monopoly on exploitation. Patents also act as an incentive, offering individuals recognition for their creativity and material reward for their marketable inventions. Registering a patent enhances your company's value: more than a performance indicator, it is an intangible asset that can be valued and passed on.

Working in all technical fields, our experts can help you protect your inventions and defend your rights in France and abroad. From patentability studies to the management of infringement and unfair competition litigation, our teams can advise you on the management of your assets and help you to define the best protection strategy to adopt.


Like design rights, copyright provides protection for original designs. The purpose of copyright is to protect any artistic creation, regardless of the form of expression, genre, merit, or purpose of the work. Moreover, design creations can benefit from a combination of protections. Although copyright does not require any specific formalities to be recognised, it is nevertheless advisable to be able to prove the date of creation in the event of a dispute.

In this respect, our experts will help you to determine whether your creation can be protected by copyright and, if so, will provide evidence of this creation, advise you on copyright matters and manage pre-litigation and litigation files.