EU cosmetics safety assessment

Managing a project aimed at launching a cosmetics line is a journey which presents you with more unknowns than certainties :
“During my 20 years of experience this field, I’ve met a variety of brilliant creators, and passionate yet ineffectual scientists when it comes facing legal realities,” says Jean-Louis Fiacre.

Jean-Louis FIACRE

Every year, hundreds of cosmetics brands are created in Europe. Their success is based on a complex alchemy. There are core principles found in any industry; you have to successively incite envy, draw in, talk to and arouse the interest of your target customers. Add to this the difficulties of a health product: promising and providing safety and efficiency. You have to reassure ultra-informed customers who are encouraged to buy and sometimes worried.

CLEAR provides a rich, proven, stable and reliable network of professionals who have each contributed in their respective fields to the success of the most emblematic or prestigious brands.