CLEAR has brought together an experienced and complementary team in the following fields:

Franck Chevasson and Jean-Louis Fiacre founded CLEAR after 20 years of success in cosmetics compliance.

Franck began his career in the chemical sector before creating the Centre for Regulatory and Toxicological Expertise (CERT) in 2004, which each year checks the safety of numerous products placed on the community market.
He views CLEAR as an extension of his role as a safety assessor.

As a lawyer with a toxicology degree, Jean-Louis has held various positions as Business Development Executive in the field of health. In 1998, he discovered the universe of test laboratories – microbiology, toxicology, in vitro, in vivo and analytical chemistry – and helped with their development in Europe.
Jean Louis decided to found CLEAR to breathe life into all the technical and strategic knowledge he had accumulated in his cosmetics career.

The CLEAR team has been shaped by time. Made up of various experienced specialists, it is involved with the brand day after day. Guaranteeing the durability of the brand is also a question of excluding, weighting or approving a project according to the realities of an every-changing regulation. Maintaining the image of the brand is also a matter of taking responsibility for following up on a customer and interacting with the authorities acting as a contact.

The CLEAR team is a pool of knowledge and skills accumulated for the benefit of the brand, covering law, chemistry, digital technology and toxicology. Our founding value: humanity.

CLEAR is involved in the heart of your business and success. CLEAR is part of your team and works to make your project coherent for its benefit: your project becomes ours. The special relationship that CLEAR establishes with you makes us both committed to winning markets.