Endocrine disruptors : still hot news

Tests cosmétiques sur animaux
Animal testing in Europe: a look at how the cosmetics industry deals with the subject!
3 March 2023
30 May 2023

In order to improve consumer communications, the “loi anti-gaspillage pour une économie circulaire” (AGEC – the French reduction of waste and circular economy law) obliges anyone who puts consumer products on the market to publish the information necessary to ensure that consumers are fully aware of the presence of any substances that the “Agence Nationale de Sécurité Sanitaire et de l’Alimentation, de l’Environnment et du Travail“ (ANSES – the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety) considers to be proven, presumed or suspected endocrine disrupters. This obligation does not concern medicines but does cover substances and mixtures used in cosmetic products. 

Contrary to the ‘waste sorting-info’ labels, and much to the benefit of the cosmetics industry, this information does not have to be labelled directly on the packaging of beauty products. It can be quite simply published on a webpage or mobile app. 

A number of much-awaited decrees (currently planned for summer 2023) are expected to define: 

  • The list of the substances identified as proven, presumed or suspected endocrine disrupters;
  • The product categories that present a specific exposure risk in terms of the target public, conditions of use, disposal method or other criteria;  
  • Details on the content and presentation of the information to be published (internet page, mobile app, etc.)

This information should be published for each individual product and no more than six months after the issue of the decree. Any failure to meet this obligation or respect the given deadlines will be punished by a fine as a fifth degree contravention.

The European Commission has adopted the delegated C(2022)9383 regulation amending (EC) regulation n° 1272/2008 as regards hazard classes and criteria for the classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures. This law establishes new hazard classes for endocrine disrupters, and other non-biodegradable chemical products which may accumulate inside living organisms. 

In the face of continued consumer concern regarding endocrine disrupters and to avoid any confusion regarding these substances, which are receiving a lot of attention in magazines and blogs that cover the beauty industry, a number of actions have been launched on a European and nationwide scale to protect and reassure final consumers, and to provide them with the most reliable information possible.

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