You have purchased a cosmetic product on which you wish to inform us of an adverse reaction during its use?

Is the name and address of CLEAR on the label? You are on the right track !

That means, in practical terms, that we are in charge of the cosmetovigilance of this reference.

All the products of the brands we represent have been evaluated by independent experts and tested for safety.

Nevertheless, and despite all the attention given, you may develop a reaction to an ingredient that is otherwise perfectly safe for the rest of the population. This is what makes us unique ...

Our mission, initiated with the design of the formula, continues throughout the product's marketing period.

CLEAR collects and analyzes the possible side effects that you can report to us after using a product.

The processing of cosmetovigilance data is a legal obligation.

It leads the brands we represent, not only to develop their formulas, but also to improve their safety criteria beyond regulatory requirements and guarantee you use their products with confidence.

Finally, and in the event of serious adverse reactions, CLEAR notifies the Ministry of Health of the concerned country.

For all these reasons, we pay special attention to the information you want to send us via the form below.

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Upon receipt, and based on the analysis of these initial elements, we will get back in touch and will then give you access to an individual questionnaire via a specifically developed interface in order to provide you with optimal personalized follow-up.